Each generation
Thinks the world has gone mad. And,
They are always right.

It is who we are.
“We are all mad here,” he said.
Lewis Carroll knew.

It will not be quelled,
This darkness. It can not be.
We are here to learn.

What is important?
How are we to choose our path
From all that we see?

Can we live in joy
Surrounded by so much pain?
Can it be allowed?

And what is the point?
Does someone have to be right?
It could drive you mad.

But, we persevere.

When the darkness spreads,
The torch bearers among us
Light the road ahead.

When sorrow fills us,
We find solace, if we will,
In those around us.

Beauty lives in grace;
A gesture, a glance, a stance,
It belongs to us.

Joy is our birthright.
Laughter reminds us of that.
It pulls us closer.

Whatever life brings,
We can choose each minute, to
See what love can do.

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Tiny bird ribbon
Billows overhead, spirals,
Endless, streaming south.


The copyright 2015, Amanda Royce-Hale

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Living the World Inside Out


Some people are born
inside out, their nerves exposed,
Senses wide open.

A constant flood of
Sound and feeling ebbs and flows,
But is never still.

These sensitive souls,
receive humanity’s pain,
Wear it, suffer it.

Their reality
Rains fire and cacophony,
Their world is not kind.

Some are our seers,
Our artists, our poets, some,
The fey and the lost.

If they are lucky
They adapt, learning early
To shape shift their world.

Turn down the volume,
Lower the shades, shut out the
Glare and blare, just so.

They learn the art of
Invisibility, and
Practice avoidance.

They bury themselves
In books, in nature, in bed,
Till the noise recedes.

This works for a time.
But when the world overtakes,
There is no respite.

Some just cannot cope,
They turn inward, disconnect,
Drift, unreachable,

Or, meet chaos with
Chaos, battling demons
Only they can see.

They crave a safe space,
Of quiet peace, protected
From the banshee’s howl.

Those outside out can’t
See or feel the flames of this
Invisible fire.

It’s hard to explain,
Harder to understand, and
Exhausting to live.

They travel a rough
Lonely road, seeking
Those who understand

Those who can see them,
Feel their pain, and offer them
Shelter from the storm.

©2015 Amanda Royce-Hale

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The Wind Tree

Wind Tree (1 of 1)

Both rooted and tossed,
The Wind Tree danced the heavens,
Held fast by the earth.

©2015 Amanda Royce-Hale

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The River’s Daughter


When first the river
Was hers, she was enchanted,
Enthralled and entranced.

It flowed around her,
nourishing her spirit with
Every sparkling drop.

It was her teacher,
Friend and constant companion.
It flowed through her heart.

She delighted in
Its gentle whorls and eddies,
Its powerful grace.

She learned the river’s
Many moods and aspects, and
Soon made them her own.

She grew strong and bold,
Running the river rapids,
Playing with its flow.

Strokes steady and sure,
She mastered the stream, owned the
Current, conquered it.

The River beckoned,
Buoyed by its strength, she followed.
And her years flew by.

Then, one day, she glimpsed
Her face in the water, and
Saw an old woman.

That was the day the
River pulled her, far and fast,
Away from her world.

Watching it recede,
She turned, heading upstream, wild,
Frantic to return.

She raged against the
Current, defiant, fierce, till
She could fight no more.

The roiling water
Churned, buffeted and rolled her.
She reached for the light,

And emerged, gasping
Grasping, exhausted, resigned
To the river’s rule.

In full surrender,
She turned her eyes to the sky.
And began to float.

©2015 Amanda Royce-Hale

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How delicious to
Rise before the dawn and watch
Another day born.


©2015 Amanda Royce-Hale

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