The River’s Daughter


When first the river
Was hers, she was enchanted,
Enthralled and entranced.

It flowed around her,
nourishing her spirit with
Every sparkling drop.

It was her teacher,
Friend and constant companion.
It flowed through her heart.

She delighted in
Its gentle whorls and eddies,
Its powerful grace.

She learned the river’s
Many moods and aspects, and
Soon made them her own.

She grew strong and bold,
Running the river rapids,
Playing with its flow.

Strokes steady and sure,
She mastered the stream, owned the
Current, conquered it.

The River beckoned,
Buoyed by its strength, she followed.
And her years flew by.

Then, one day, she glimpsed
Her face in the water, and
Saw an old woman.

That was the day the
River pulled her, far and fast,
Away from her world.

Watching it recede,
She turned, heading upstream, wild,
Frantic to return.

She raged against the
Current, defiant, fierce, till
She could fight no more.

The roiling water
Churned, buffeted and rolled her.
She reached for the light,

And emerged, gasping
Grasping, exhausted, resigned
To the river’s rule.

In full surrender,
She turned her eyes to the sky.
And began to float.

©2015 Amanda Royce-Hale

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How delicious to
Rise before the dawn and watch
Another day born.


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An Unexpected Rolling Travel Observation


Airport wheelchairs fly,
Swift, stealthy, just below sight,
And beyond hearing.

It was my maiden
voyage, otherly-abled,
First trip “attended.”

The thought of trudging
Miles of gray walkways, slow stepped.
Gate to gate. I balked.

Once in the chair, my
Fellow rolling passengers
Became visible.

We nodded, watched the
Stream of legs and bags rush by,
Islands in the stream.

It is what kids see,
This faceless chaos, seeking
Other eyes like theirs.

As it is, fellow
Riders connect, compare canes,
Share quiet jokes, snooze.

Our attendants, kind,
Single-minded in their goal,
Gate to gate alive.

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Never Mind

4:03 a.m.,
Again, the 5-7-5
Word stream has begun.

Apparently, rumors of my demise were greatly exaggerated*

More to come, I think.

*Thank you, Mark Twain.

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Movin On


Dear Readers.

With this post, Wiseacre Way becomes officially retired, most likely for good. It seems I’ve run out of words, and I have turned my attention to expressing myself in more visual ways, through photography and designing jewelry.

What a blast it’s been! I want to thank you all for reading, liking and commenting along the way. It’s been a great ride, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

I invite you all to stop by my other blogs, Wiseye Photo, the Water Works Park Project, and Royzle Designs. Wiseye photo is also on Twitter and Instagram @wiseyephoto, and on Facebook.

Thanks again and my very best to you all.

Wiseacre Way

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Wearable Art

IMG_5344As some of you know, when I’m not busy doing the “real job” thing, writing for this blog or taking photos of the beautiful state of Iowa, I do arts and crafts.

I’ve been designing and creating jewelry for more than five years now, and have come up with a series of pieces I call Story Medallions. Each one is unique, unusual, handcrafted and created from a combination of found items, curated elements, whims and whimsy and mixed media, and held together by a wing and a prayer (they are tougher than they look)

I have created a gallery of my Story Medallions, which can be accessed here.  There is also a link  from the header on the Wiseacre Way landing page. The gallery contains almost every medallion I have ever made.  Many have been purchased or gifted, several are available for purchase. Thanks for taking a look.

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