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Measuring Time


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If There Must Be Fire


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What Does Your Road Look Like?


I took this photo of an old dirt road in rural Iowa just last week. Despite a lovely blue sky, the countryside was still a bit bleak with the late winter dirt and snow. I found this stretch of road to be beautiful in its symmetry and full of mystery.

I did not grow up with this kind of road. My New England childhood roads were paved, tamed, surrounded with homes, businesses, churches and schools stretching off on every side, one town into the next. The dirt roads were few, off the beaten path, mostly private property, and mostly avoided on walks and car trips.

I expect that’s why I’ve always been drawn to them, and why, living here, I am perfectly content to spend hours with my favorite Iowa boy exploring them. It took some getting used to, all this open country, all this space, the enormous sky and an endless supply of tantalizing little dirt roads to follow where they lead.

Of course, it’s largely about agriculture here. For the people who grew up on the farms and in the little towns, these are just their roads. It’s how it’s always been. There’s plenty of pavement, of course, in the cities and rural communities that dot the countryside. But I find myself enchanted by the fact that the middle of nowhere (or so it would seem) is a stones throw away from wherever you are. Very different from my own experience.

I figure this is why driving around is the unofficial state sport in Iowa. It’s a cherished tradition. Combine the endless, scenic country roads with a sky that puts on the greatest show on earth, and you’ve got prime entertainment.

These rural roads are also thick with human experience. My husband is a city boy with deep country roots, and being a part of his wonderful extended family has taught me a great deal about the awesome spirit of this place. Still waters run deep here, and the importance of family history and preserving the heritage of the land is a common theme.

I try to remember that people all experience their roads differently. To me this road was foreign territory, and a bit foreboding. But a family member recognized it immediately as the road to her grandmother’s house – one that brought her happy memories. Another lesson learned.


Photo and words © Copyright 2015, Amanda Royce-Hale, all rights reserved

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Hearing Spring


I can hear winter’s
Icy grip loosen. Morning
Birdsong greets the dawn.




Photo and words © Copyright 2015, Amanda Royce-Hale, all rights reserved.



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Letting the Eyes Speak

imageHello Wiseacrewaysians (That’s easy for me to write). Many thanks for your follows and kind comments over the past year. It’s been a blast.

You may have noticed that my posts have dwindled lately, becoming not only shorter but farther between. I don’t plan to desert you, but the focus of this blog is changing a bit. The result will be a little less bloviating from me and a little more eye candy from my camera.

If you’ve looked at the Water Works Park Project link on this site, you’ll know that I’ve been taking pictures of one of my favorite parks and posting a photo of it every day in my Water Works Park Project blog. That project continues on, and as of the date of this post, I’ve posted nearly 200 photos of the park!

I’ve had several people ask if I have prints of my work available, and I’m happy to say that now I do. Many of them may be purchased through my website, wwww.wiseyephoto.com. See the Wiseye Photo page in this blog for more information.

I hope you all will continue to visit. I’d love to know when you like something and any comments you may have. Thanks for the love. Keep passing it around.

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